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Dear yuletide author

Hi, hello, thank you in advance for writing me a story! Like pretty much all of us who do this challenge, I love reading stories that other people have loved writing, so please feel free to ignore anything in here that doesn't really work for you. I'm really excited about the fandoms I've requested this year, and I'm excited to be watched with someone who's as excited about one of them as I am.

General likes: I'm pretty flexible about tropes and genres and things I'm into - I can find a story I like that fits pretty much any description, from High School AU to space opera to meticulously-close-to-canon AU to missing scene fic. Mostly the thing that really does it for me is characters having conversations, no matter what the setting is. There was a point in my life when I couldn't write a fic without having people talk on the phone in it, and while I've mostly grown out of it, you still can't beat fic with a lot of dialogue for me. I think trope fic is lots of fun, if that's your thing, and I do love crossovers, so feel free to poke around at my journal or ao3, If I've mentioned something even once, I'd be totally down for a crossover or fusion, if that's what floats your boat.

General dislikes: The only thing I really don't do is brain damage or memory loss stories. I'd love to avoid stories with totally bleak endings - either positive or ambiguous would be great, but other than that, the field is pretty much wide open.

So I've done what I've always done, which is, pretty much, explode all of my feelings about a fandom into my optional details boxes in sign-up. I'm going to reprint those here, and then maybe throw in a couple of prompts at the end. You should totally feel free to ignore them, but I also don't want to be one of those recipients that's completely unhelpful, so they're there for inspiration if you want.

Sing Street, requested characters: Conor "Cosmo" Lalor, Raphina, Eamon

There are a bunch of different things I'm interested in seeing about this hugely charming movie, but there are two big ones. One of them is Raphina getting her own turn to find the kind of belonging Conor found with the band within the movie, because it was so very much a boy's coming of age tale, and I loved the way it was about finding a place for yourself in the world, and building one if there wasn't one to find, and building a gang of friends that makes you feel invincible. All of that was great, but Raphina was in need of that just as much as Conor, if not more, and she got to be along for the ride a little, but I'd really love to see her find some equivalent of that, whether it's in a band of her own after they get to London (if they make it, I see Conor probably going back before too long to deal with his family, probably, but that girl was OUT of there), or something else she stumbles into on her quest for a modeling job, or even just a job waiting tables with a very tight-knit staff.

Another thing I'd be just as thrilled to see explored is Eamon's blindingly massive crush of Conor, whether it's eventually requited or just stays un-. "Want to write a song?" "Always," I mean, I know he loves music, but come ON, kid. Other things about Eamon I'd love to read fic about: what it's like when his father gets out of rehab, whether playing music together was a bonding thing for him and his father, how his mother feels about his music obsession (I was sensing a little bit of resentment early on), and what's actually the deal with all the rabbits? (I know, I know, he just loves them, be still my HEART.)

Okay, um, prompts - I guess I already gave a few: Raphina in a band, Eamon's massive crush on Conor, what's up with the bunnies? What about an epistolatory story where Raphina stays in London but Conor ends up going home to try to sort things out with his family? Or Conor's sister - in some ways, this was not a great movie to be a woman in, and it was frustrating to see her character get no fleshing out at all, so what if she and Eamon strike up a friendship after Conor and Raphina skip town? And hey, does Conor ever try to go by Cosmo again? So many questions ;)

The Bright Sessions requested characters: Chloe, Damien, Adam, Caleb

I have no idea what to say for really specific prompts because I have no idea what season 3 is going to bring for these characters. I will say that I really am the most interested in Damian and Chloe when they interact with each other. They're such good bright mirror/dark mirrors for each other, and I love the thought of Chloe starting to grapple with the moral ambiguity that can come with using her power. The way she didn't even want to entertain the idea that there could be any early on was totally fascinating to me, and being around Damien, whose power is inherently creepy in a more obvious way makes her confront it, and I love that. And for Damien, I'd be really interested to see how using his power changed from the time it first manifested to now. He seems like someone who wants to be the embodiment of "absolute power corrupts absolutely," but he's so petty and small, in some ways, he can't even manage to be the evil he aspires to be.

On the other hand, Adam and Caleb. Oh my god, they're sweet like puppies, but they have their own blindingly massive issues, don't they? Even leaving aside that thing I'm hoping season 3 fixes really fast. I'd love to see those two figure out how to navigate their relationship in a more healthy way (because "I want to be responsible for your feelings" is, like, a sentiment that could go wrong very fast, Caleb, no matter how affectionately it's intended, that shit is not sustainable or even respectful, really.) I'd love to see Adam start to get some help, and I'd really love to see the two of them trying to figure all of this out in the context of their high school, interacting with their peers.

I'd also love to see more of Caleb and Chloe interacting, since I bet there's a weird kind of balance in their interactions that neither of them really gets with anyone else, what with their powers.

Really, I'm up for most anything you feel like writing about any of these characters, though.

Okay, so I claimed to have no ideas about specific prompts, but that's not entirely true. What about a school dance? What about if Damien runs into Chloe on a date and mindfucks his way into joining them? What about if Chloe and Caleb end up talking about Caleb and Adam's breakup when doing art therapy with Frank, and Frank ends up having the best relationship advice around? Or a story about Adam investigating his parents in earnest? There are a whole lot of stories I'm interested in when it comes to these characters, and pretty much any combination of them interacting with each other would be super cool.

OKAY, that was as far as I got this morning, but I wasn't quite expecting for assignments to have gone out already, so I'm going to try to rush to finish this. Sorry about that, secret author!

Lovely Little Losers requested characters: Bea, Ben, Balthazar, PeterPedro

I love group fic, and ensemble casts, and how much all these kids love each other, so if you're drawn to write something like that, I'm so up for it. That said, again, there are a few things I'm especially interested in. Like, okay, Peter and Balth, what are they actually like as a couple, after all of the fuss of getting them together in the series? I have a feeling working on their communication issues is going to take longer than just the end of the show to resolve, and I'd love to see some of that happen. They've both been pretty good at avoiding expressing themselves, but I feel like for Peter, it was more of an aberration because he was a little lost for a while, and didn't have the reserves of confidence I feel like usually bolster him through a hard conversation. For Balthazar, though, I feel like it's more of a way of life, and more of something that could be an issue later. I'm not just interested in how they work out their conflicts, though - I'd also love to hear about Balth going to Peter's shows, Peter coming to Balth's gigs (or even tagging along on his first tour? Balth's opening for this band and Peter comes along and sells merch?) the two of them hanging out with Rosa, or John, or Rosa AND John, cooking together, Peter being a massive cuddle monster, whatever weird thing is going on with Peter's family, I am interested in it ALL.

As for Bea and Ben, if that's a direction you're inspired to take, I LOVE Bea in all of her wrathfully protective glory over Hero, and I'd love to see the first time she turns that furious protectiveness over Ben, because you know she does, and you know it's massive and blinding, and some part of Ben may not actually have been expecting it. Other things I'd love: them being supportive of each other, hijinks involving a false-alarm pregnancy scare, or, alternately, ace!Ben who (this was my secret theory through much of LoLiLo) instituted the rules to give himself some extra time to figure out how to talk to Bea about his sexuality (I'm not married to this idea, but I am interested in it).

Well, again, I guess there are definitely some specific prompt ideas in there. Other tropetastic thoughts I'd love to see: meet the parents! Well, I guess that idea is more about US meeting their parents, since presumably all our characters have already met each other's families while growing up together. Maybe not, though, their school doesn't seem that small. I guess the one I'm most interested in is our resident free-spirit Balthazar Jones meeting the uptight-but-affable people I'm presuming spawned Peter, for some reason. Ben freaking out over Bea's parents could be fun, too, though. Other thoughts: Does Peter pursue acting? Does Peter continue to go by Peter, or transition back to Pedro? Oooh, Ben and Hero getting a little bonding time in would be rad. This is all a bit of a mess of a prompt, isn't it? I'm sorry. Anyway, there are a lot of things just off the top of my head that it makes me giddy to think of reading about, so hopefully if this is where we match, there's something to spark your interest.

Casson Family requested character: Indigo

I love the whole family so much, and I love the way they all interact with each other from here to infinity, but Indigo is my boy, always has been, always will be. As the sole relatively quiet kid in a family full of big personalities (in some ways I think he resembles Eve in temperament, only, like, a thousand times more practical and pragmatic) I'd really love to see a little bit about how he figures out how to differentiate himself from his family and work out what his individual identity is as he grows up. Not very into the Indigo/Sarah thing (in fact, I kind of vaguely ship Indigo/Tom, in a nebulous, maybe-in-the-future sort of way), but pretty much anything else you might feel inspired by about this kid, especially as he grows up, would be so adored.

Specific things I'm interested in: future fic! Maybe university, what's that like, living away from home, and being in a totally different environment where your personality can no longer be defined by your very colorful family? Does he stay friends with Marcus? How about Tom, when does he get to see Tom again? And Bill--of all of the children, Indigo is the one Bill always seemed the most disconnected from, to me, do they ever communicate a little bit more? Does Indigo stay in a band? Does he ever write music? Does Tom? Do they have a little international song-writing club? Does Indigo play a gig in the states that for some strange reason is attended by Tom's estranged mother? So many questions. And anything about Indigo and Rose, or Indigo and Saffy, or Caddy, or all of them together, or in any configuration, as they grow, would make my heart grow three sizes.

Anyway, hey secret author, I hope some of this mess is somewhat helpful, and I hope you have a ton of fun writing whatever you end up writing, I can't wait to read it.

Thanks in advance,

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Dear Yuletide Author

(*waves* dear anyone else who still follows me here, hey, hi, how are you? Actual entry to follow in a few days, sorry for the many months of absence, life got very busy)

Dear Yuletide Author,

I assume, since we've matched one one of these fandoms I'm so excited to connect with someone new over, that you are a pretty rad individual. Hello, rad individual! As such, I totally trust that whatever you have in your heart to write about one of these fandoms will be awesome, even if you totally disregard everything else in this letter - optional details are so very optional, these are just a few ideas of some things that catch in my head when I think about them.

As a general thing, I'd request no stories dealing with brain damage, memory loss, or amnesia, but other than that, it's a pretty open playing field.

General things I like: crossovers, close-to-canon AUs, much-further-from-canon AUs that use details from canon in interesting ways, established relationship fic, missing scene fic, fic where people recognize each other's limitations, fic where people have a lot of conversations, reconnection stories, crack pairings involving people who have never met but would probably get along really well if they did, kittens.

Specific fandoms:

Nothing Much To Do

From my sign-up: Okay, so one thing I'll admit straight up is that, as of now, Lovely Little Losers is KILLING ME, and that is definitely informing that request, because I'd love to see an interpretation of what happened between Peter and Balth in that missing time period between the two series, and I would really really love to see them trying to talk things through like grown-ups, and a happy ending for them would make me giddy. On the other hand, I can totally see an interpretation where they don't end up together, since their lack of communication so far is so stunning. As long as they try to work it out in a healthy way, and are secure in their fondness for each other by the end, I'm happy.

If, on the other hand, you're not interested in writing about their dynamics as a couple, one of the things that interested me most from the first series was John and Peter-then-Pedro's relationship, and I'd love to see anything more of that,anything from their childhoods together to trying to work things out after NMTD.

On the third hand entirely, if you felt like writing about both of those things, that would be something I'd be incredibly into as well.

I think that actually basically covers it, except that I feel like I should say that, since the second series is still airing, and I know how hard that can make writing, I totally understand if you feel like the best way to do it is either to pick an episode to work from and go AU with anything that comes out after that, or even ignore the second series entirely and just focus on the first. Whatever works for you, dude.

Cracked After Hours

From my sign-up: There are so many little moments in the series I'd love to see expanded on: the time Michael went to Thanksgiving with Dan's family, how exactly Soren's crush on Susan B. Anthony, at what point between the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode and the one where they talk about villains they'd be henchmen for and Katie nods along with the rest of them like she's seen it did she watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and why? Why were they on a camping trip that one time? What would they actually do in a zombie apocalypse? How much coaching did Soren give Dan before that time Dan tried to ask the waitress out in that one episode?

If you choose to go with that last one, I'm totally down for Soren/Dan shipping - really, I'm up for shipping it in any situation. Ditto Michael/Katie, and Katie/Soren when they're doing that thing they do where Soren acts like he's looking for a woman who can make him cry and Katie acts like she'd be happy to be that woman. I'm also interested in any poly-shipping that might catch your fancy in this context. Really, mystery author, I'm interested in just about anything you can throw at me.

Again, I said most of what I meant to, I'm interested in most things about these guys. Other things I particularly like, that maybe you particularly like, too: Dan's insistence on getting the proper pluralization of movie titles, the way there is clearly the makings of an EPIC Marvel vs. DC debate between Soren and Dan one of these days, the way Katie let the restraining order against Michael lapse, Michael's insistence that he is one of the 'normal' ones of them, that weird espionage-like thing going on in the background of the diners, the waitress who doesn't know Soren's name.

The Riches

From my sign-up: Watching this series again recently has been such a delight, and there really isn't much I wouldn't love to read about it - a what-comes-next story for after the series, maybe a pre-series story about the time when Dahlia was in jail, and the way Wayne and the kids had to adjust, even something about Actual Doug Rich's kids--sometimes it gets to me that, as big of a jerk as he is, they may never know what happened to him. Occasionally I think about what it would be like if one of the Malloy kids met one of Doug Rich's kids at some point in the future.

I also just really love the Malloy kids, though, and the way they tease and protect and are there for each other, and I'd be fascinated to see either some of the ways that dynamic developed, or the way it changes, or doesn't change, as they grow up.

Of all of the fandoms I requested, this is probably the one that, if you were in the mood, I would be the most interested in seeing crossovers for, but then I feel weird even saying so because I ALSO don't want to lessen any chance I might have for getting straight-up Riches fic, because I just love this family so MUCH. You know what, if this is the fandom we match on, a) rock on, mystery author, and b) anything you write is going to make me so happy, ANYTHING AT ALL, so, uh, no pressure.

Casson Family

From my sign-up: Really, this is my eternal yuletide fandom, so if this is where we match up, I'm going to be so thrilled. One of the things I love most about these books is the way the family you find and the family you're born with don't have to be mutually exclusive, and the way you still have to choose when it comes to the people you're related to, and how far you're going to let them into your life, as much as you love them. I'd love to see something about the ways different people who have become part of the family at different times over the years navigate that as they get older, or something about the way Caddy and Michael set up their own family, and the ways that that's the same, the ways that it's different, and the way the people in both overlap.

I'm happy to read gen or Caddy/Michael, and I'd be totally interested to read something about Eve and Bill and the ways they must have worked as a couple once. Besides those, though, I'm not that interested in the future pairings with the kids that the narrative is pointing at - Saffy/Sarah and Indigo/Tom both sound a lot more interesting to me than Sarah/Indigo, and I don't really believe that, when Tom and Rose grow up, they'll be interested in each other that way, no offense, Hilary McKay. Which isn't to say I'm requesting any of those pairings, I'd be more than happy with gen-ish shenanigans of all kinds, and like I said, Caddy and Michael and their made-for-each-other-ness warms my icy, icy heart, and mostly, I just hope you write something that makes you as happy as the possibility of matching with someone on this fandom makes me.

Yeah, okay, I think I said it all here, too.

Anyway, happy winter exchange season, mystery author. Thank you in advance, and I'm so excited to see what you come up with!

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Something good happened, something good happened, imagine I am singing a little song about it because, um, I may have done that. Holding this good thing inside my chest and trying to use it as a source of confidence I can use to try for other things which, if they work out, would be good things as well.


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...you've got that one (or five) thing(s)

Five things! I've been thinking it's been forever since I've done a comment fic prompt meme post, and possibly they're out of fashion? Or just all on tumblr, anyway, because I haven't really seen anyone else doing them in a journal-space lately, either. Which means there aren't any hanging around that I've noticed and can grab, which is why I'm falling back on the tried-and-true five things!

So! Give me a pairing, character, set of characters, or fandom, and a five things prompt (ex: Five times Spencer Smith didn't get lost on public transportation, Five things Fiona Gallagher would take with her if she was running away to a deserted island) and I will do my best to give you an answer. I don't promise that all five of the things (or any of them!) will get full-on ficlets, but there will at least be a list. Who doesn't love lists?

Fandoms include my bandom usual suspects, Shameless (US), Young Avengers, I could probably manage some MCU stuff, Jonas boys and assorted Disney girls, The Secret Garden and all the other Burnett children I regularly get worked up about, Swordspoint 'verse, John Dies at the End, How To Get Away With Murder, and I think I'm there enough with all the Highlander stuff [personal profile] aria and I have been watching that I could do that, too. And anything else you've seen me get excited about is probably worth a shot as well.

So, um, please prompt me?

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and this has been a long time coming

I've been meaning to link all of the things I've been posting to Ao3 here--I've been saying I'm going to do it since, um, jeez, since August, and now that I finally have a day off I'm managing to actually knock some things off of my to-do list during, I thought I'd give it a shot, so here goes, most recent to least:

eyes replaced by pearls
fandom: In The Flesh
pairing: Simon/Kieren, Kieren & Jem
length: 16,081
summary: Jem is determined not to take any more shit, Kieren refuses to believe that anything is an inappropriate subject for humor, and Simon is trying to switch genres. It’s a good thing they’re all so good with effective communication, or this could get messy—oh, wait.

The Beginning of the World Often Comes
fandom: John Dies at the End
pairing: gen, canon pairings
length: 2,762
summary: Dave’s mission, should he choose to accept it, is to convince John’s teenage self to befriend his own teenage self in the past, because if they’re never friends, they’ll never save the world together, and so they’ll all cease to exist. Problem is, Dave can’t think of any compelling reasons why teenage John should want to befriend him. Written for Yuletide!

You Makes Me Feel (So)
fandom: Bandom (Cobra Starship, The Like)
pairing: Vicky-T/Z Berg
length: 2,838
summary: Z raises a delicate blond eyebrow, and Victoria considers raising one right back, upping the ante in this bizarre game of who’s-more-chill chicken she and Z have ended up in. Baby's first barista AU! Written for bandom_holidays

The Heart No Longer Stirred
fandom: How To Get Away With Murder
pairing: Lila Stanguard/Rebecca Sutter
length: 3,310
summary: I am a Partially Deceased Syndrome Sufferer, and what I did in my untreated state was not my fault.

Lila knows all about affirmations, remembers her mother reciting back candy-bright words after the voice on a cassette when Lila was a child. She knows about the words you say to make them true because she's been doing it her whole life. She's one of their most cooperative patients at the treatment center. Still, sometimes she gets nightmares.

An In The Flesh AU

Heavy Walls
fandom: Shameless (US)
pairing: Mandy Milkovich/OFC, Mandy Milkovich/Lip Gallagher, gen
length: 2,544
summary:If there is no love in this world, then we will build a new world, and we will give it walls.

-Jonathan Safran Foer, Everything Is Illuminated

(Basically the queer!Mandy fic of my heart)

Lions and Tigers and Bears
fandom: Bandom (JJAMZ, Ryan Ross is his own fandom)
pairing: Z & Ryan
length: 10,747
summary: Ryan and Z work a lot better as friends than they did as boyfriend and girlfriend. It might have been better if they’d figured that out before they tried to date, but better late than never, right? Together, they spend some time remembering that growing up is a process that never ends, and that sometimes it’s a process that’s easier to deal with when you leave yourself some time to smell the flowers (metaphorically) and feed the ducks (not metaphorically). Written for Bandom Big Bang!

Postcards From Greece
fandom: Ryan Ross is his own fandom
pairing: gen
length: 948
summary: Ryan goes to Greece and thinks about postcards a lot.

Old jokes don't die, they just wait for the next generation
fandom: MCU, Captain America Movies
pairing: gen
length: 107
summary: Drabblicious snatch of conversation

The beginning after the end
fandom: John Dies At The End
pairing: John/Dave/Amy
length: 2,581
summary: Response to the prompt: john/dave/amy we all survived the spider apocalypse sex!

I said, "Let's find a roof."

She said, "Let's find a bed."

ghost fingers
fandom: John Dies At The End
pairing: Dave/Amy
length: 1,320
summary: For the prompt on the John Dies at The End kink meme, "Amy/Any masturbation, Amy masturbates, or gives someone a hand-job, using her ghost hand."

fandom: Young Avengers, Hawkeye
pairing: Kate/America
length: 1,042
summary: Kate gives America an archery lesson.

A little more conversation
fandom: Young Avengers
pairing: Teddy Altman/Billy Kaplan, David Alleyne/Tommy Shepherd, Kate Bishop/America Chavez
length: 1899
summary: Five conversations that managed to happen without Kate Bishop’s help. Missing scene fic from v2. Technically a series of codas to my longer Young Avengers piece, Of All Possible Worlds

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dear yuletider

Dear my yuletide match,

Hi! How are you this fine day? I'm so excited to read whatever you come up with--for some reason, yuletide is exempt from my general grinchiness around the holidays, and everything about participating thrills me. First, I want to say that I am totally a believer in optional details being optional--with the exception of the few things that I have a genuine problem reading (which I'll list below), I would pretty much always prefer for you to completely forget everything in this letter and write a story you're really invested in telling than to force yourself to write something that fits my tastes.

The only things I'm not really up for in the fic I read are brain damage, mind control or amnesia, and I'd prefer not to read anything that involves my favorite characters committing acts of sexual violence. Other than that, the playing field is pretty wide-open.

I'm a confirmed multishipper, so if there's a particular ship in any of these fandoms that you either want to try out or are really into, chances are I'll be totally down for that. I also read a lot of gen, so if shipping isn't your cup of tea, either in general or in whatever fandom we match up in, that's awesome too.

Fresh Meat (Oregon Shawcross, Vod Nordstrom)

These girls, man, they slay me. I usually try to stay kind of ship-neutral in these letters so my writer doesn't feel pressured, but I'll admit it here, I totally ship it. Truly, madly, deeply. If you feel like going in a gen direction that's totally cool, too--I bet they'd have some rad gen hijinks, maybe getting their first apartment together out of school, say, or protest-hopping to trawl for boys. Like, I'm not knocking the appeal of their straight, unadulterated friendship. But if you feel like writing them into a relationship, or just into bed, I would be in no way at all displeased. Just throwing that out there.

What I love about these two when they interact is that even when they're bad for each other, even when they fuck each other up, when Vod expects Oregon to do her homework or Oregon lies about her identity or they have a falling-out while backpacking (and I'm totally curious about how that vacation of theirs really went down) there's such caring underlying the ways that they're awful to each other that there's never any question that they'll move past it. I'd love to see Vod pursue acting, I'd love to see Oregon not being a good writer and knowing it and keeping on writing anyway, I'd love to see them supporting each other in a myriad of all-encompassing, over-the-top, ridiculous, round-about ways. I want Vod to start taking some hesitating, clumsy steps towards dealing with some of the issues her mother left her with. I want them to have dinner with Oregon's parents. Basically, I want anything at all you can throw at me, so if this show is your show, come at me, bro. Do your worst.

(I also love every other character on the show, p. much, so if you feel like moving in an ensemble direction, that's perfect too [though if there's any Josie-bashing I will probably cry--my friend I watch the show with is pretty anti-Josie and idgi at all--she's my delusional-sunshine-murder-baby].)

Poldark (TV 1975) (Demelza Carne, Jinny Carter, Francis Poldark, Ross Poldark)

Poldark. Okay, massive overshare/storytime. The Poldark series had a weirdly massive influence on my childhood--when I was a kid, my mom used to check the VHSs of it out from the library and watch it after I went to bed when I was in elementary school. Since I was a teeny tiny insomniac, I would lie awake in the next room and listen to the whole thing. I would do this with a lot of the movies she watched, but for some reason, Poldark was the one that I couldn't take just listening to without being able to see, so a couple of nights (and episodes) in, I got out of bed and walked in to the living room. I was expecting my mom to send me back to bed, and I still don't know why she didn't, but she moved over on the couch and let me sit and watch with her for hours. I can't say I totally understood all of it at the time, but I was pretty enthralled anyway, and there were scenes from it stuck in my head for years and years afterwards.

Fast forward to this past summer, me just graduated from college and at loose ends and living with my mom while I figure out my next step. I heard that there was going to be a reboot starring Aiden Turner, and I got really excited. I told my mom, and we spent an entire night looking up everything else the actors in the original cast had ever done. The next day, I went in to the local library I hadn't been to since I left for school and braved my years-ignored library fine to check out the DVDs. We watched them all in a rush, and I was as charmed by the show's overblown sentiment and '70s-interpretation-of-period-hair hair as I was the first time, but it kept hitting me that the pace just moved so fast, there wasn't time to explore these character dynamics fully. Basically, what I'm saying is that if our match-up fandom is Poldark, no matter what you do, I'm going to just be so incredibly gratified to get a peek into someone else's thoughts about the show (and if you feel like chatting about it post-yuletide, I'd be totally up for that).

I think Demelza is one of the most fascinating characters in the world, and anything you feel like writing about her will thrill me. Jinny is actually my favorite, I'd be so interested in anything from her point of view. I'm also interested in Ross's relationship with her entire family, so if that's something you feel like grappling with, feel free. Ross is a pretty odd, intense dude, so it makes sense that pretty much all of his relationships are likewise odd and intense. I'm always intrigued by his relationship with Francis, who always grows on me in the strangest way as the series goes on. Francis's actions are so tied up in Ross's reactions and pushing Ross's buttons, whereas Ross barely seems to think about Francis at all--until the scene with the cards, that is, when he notices Francis being picked on and sweeps in in a way that feels habitual to me, like that was their dynamic in childhood. I didn't have enough character options to nominate Verity, too, but if you felt like looking at her relationships with Francis and/or Ross, I'd also be into that.

Political Animals (Anne Ogami, Douglas Hammond, TJ Hammond)

Like the entirety of tumblr, I have a massive weakness for Sebastian Stan right now, which is why I embarked on my Political Animals rewatch this summer. By the end of it, though, I realized that as much as I love TJ, my stand-out favorite at this point is Anne. I'd love anything about her carving out a place for her in the Hammond/Barrish family, especially anything where she spends some time with TJ, or more interactions with Margaret, and anything that addresses how messed up it was when the family chased her and Douglas down to crash their elopement would definitely be something I'd be into. I'm also really intrigued by TJ and Douglas's relationship, so if Anne's not as interesting to you as she is to me, I'd also love to read anything about those two growing up.

Hanna (Hanna Heller, Sophie)

Basically anything about these two reconnecting as adults, or about what Hanna does next after the end of the movie. Honestly, if you're into AUs, I'd be interested in that for these two, too. Feel free to take it to a shippy place, but no pressure. I'm also into crossovers if I have any familiarity with the other fandom, so if that's what you're into, feel free to poke around in my journal or my AO3 bookmarks. Basically, if this is where we match up, I'm up for pretty much anything, though it'd make me extra pleased if it could end happily or at least ambiguously--poor Hanna deserves a break, you know?

Boyhood (Mason Evans, Olivia Evans, Mindy Welbrock, Randy Welbrock)

I enjoyed this movie so much, and one of the reasons was that it put things on-screen that I could really connect to, types of relationships that I hadn't really seen depicted in fiction before, and was only familiar with from my life. One of those things was the way Mason and Samantha and Mindy and Randy interacted in that brief period when their parents were married--less than family and more than friends, close in a way that was slightly forced but still genuine. The way it was their parents' relationships that completely dictated their own because they were children and their connections to each other had always been out of their control. I'd love either a closer look at those kids finding ways to fit together when they were kids, and trying to find a dynamic that worked for all of them, or maybe a story about them reconnecting later in life somehow.

Bad Education (Chantelle Parsons, Frank Grayson, Stephen Carmichael)

Chantelle and Stephen's friendship is pretty much my favorite thing in the world, I'd love a closer look at that, and if you felt like getting into how they got to know each other, that'd be awesome, too. I'd also love more of Frank and Stephen's relationship--if there's one thing about this last season that surprised me, it was how much it hurt to hear Frank Grayson say "I'm not pedigree." I mean, I still laughed, but it was one of those choking, incredulous types of laughs that stuck in my chest. This is one of those absurd, over-the-top shows that doesn't stray into genuine emotion very often. I'm not sure whether I'd more like to read a story that's as absurd as the show, or one that digs into the characters a little more and fills them out. Either one would be fantastic. Both would be transcendent. If you feel like writing about these three characters spending time together at some point, though, that's something I would love.

So hey, mystery writer! I hope I haven't overwhelmed you here--I've had exchange assignments light on details enough to make me nervous, and I don;t want to do that to someone else, but seriously, feel free to ignore any of this you don't want to deal with.

Thank you in advance for writing my story!



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Basically, I keep telling myself I can't post anything here until I write up a post listing every fic I've put up on Ao3 since the last time I crossposted here in, I think, mid-July, which is actually kind of a lot? Idk, guys. Being unemployed and directionless was actually pretty great for the creative juices for a while.

All of that is over now, though--both the unemployment and the creativity. I'll do that list soon, and I'll talk about stuff, like the coffee shop I'll be working at and the fancy-shmancy internship I'm doing and the fabulous apartment just outside Boston I'll be living in (cross your finger) wicked soon with a super awesome roommate.

Rn, though, I'm really not up for much more than talking about Yuletide for a few--I just submitted my noms. One of them is Poldark, the original tv series, which my mom and I just watched again, and which I'm determined to find some fans of before the Aiden Turner-starring remake comes out this winter or spring (I am incredibly excited about the remake, but I know that after it comes out, it will prob be impossible to talk about the old one without talking about the new one). I submitted character tags for Demelza because, like, duh, she's the best, and Francis because he's bizarrely endearing and I am so interested in his relationship with Ross, and Ross himself because I'd be interested in looking closer at him in conjunction with either Francis or Demelza (or Verity, but I didn't have enough tags left to include her :(), and then I did Jinny Carter becuase she is totally my favorite now and forever.

I also did Fresh Meat, which I would love to read more fic of, especially if it's about Vod and Oregon being in love, and Hanna because I still want a happy ending for Hanna and Sophie (and also an Avengers crossover where Natasha and Hanna bond, but let's not ask for the moon, yes?), and I'm actually going to get it together to sign up for yuletide this year instead of just writing treats, I swear, and I am genuinely kind of extremely excited about it?

So hi guys! Hope you're all doing well! <3

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that writing meme that's going around

Give me a letter & I'll answer!

A. Describe your comfort zone—a typical you-fic.
B. Is there a trope you’ve yet to try your hand at, but really want to?
C. Is there a trope you wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole?
D. How many fic ideas are you nurturing right now? Care to share one of them?
E. Share one of your strengths.
F. Share one of your weaknesses.
G. Share a snippet from one of your favorite pieces of prose you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.
H. Share a snippet from one of your favorite dialogue scenes you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.
I. Which fic has been the hardest to write?
J. Which fic has been the easiest to write?
K. Is writing your passion or just a fun hobby?
L. Is there an episode section of canon above all others that inspires you just a little bit more?
M. What’s the best writing advice you’ve ever come across?
N. What’s the worst writing advice you’ve ever come across?
O. If you could choose one of your fics to be filmed, which would you choose?
P. If you only could write one pairing for the rest of your life, which pairing would it be?
Q. Do you write your story from start to finish, or do you write the scenes out of order?
R. Do you use any tools, like worksheets or outlines?
S. Stephen King once said that his muse is a man who lives in the basement. Do you have a muse?
T. Describe your perfect writing conditions.
U. How many times do you usually revise your fic/chapter before posting?
V. Choose a passage from one of your earlier fics and edit it into your current writing style. (Person sending the ask is free to make suggestions).
W. If you were to revise one of your older fics from start to finish, which would it be and why?
X. Have you ever deleted one of your published fics?
Y. What do you look for in a beta?
Z. Do you beta yourself? If so, what kind of beta are you?
AA. How do you feel about collaborations?
AB. Share three of your favorite fic writers and why you like them so much.
AC. If you could write the sequel (or prequel) to any fic out there not written by yourself, which would you choose?
AD. Do you accept prompts?
AE. Do you take liberties with canon or are you very strict about your fic being canon compliant?
AF. How do you feel about smut?
AG. How do you feel about crack?
AH. What are your thoughts on non-con and dub-con?
AI. Would you ever kill off a canon character?
AJ. Which is your favorite site to post fic?
AK. Talk about your current wips.
AL. Talk about a review that made your day.
AM. Do you ever get rude reviews and how do you deal with them?
AN. Write 3 sentences of an alternative ending to a fic you've written (specify by title, link or general description).

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I want to pull a Joey Comeau here and just start off with, "Hey, I'm Sidney and I've been thinking about sex," but, you know, that's not even true.

I've been thinking about sexuality, though, mine and just in general. I haven't come to any conclusions, really, except that mine is really nebulous, I think, and also that the fact that I lie to myself a lot about why I do the things I do doesn't make this kind of thing any easier to figure out. And there's probably a reason I've always been nervous about slapping labels on shit.


I wrote a Young Avengers story, because did I mention? I got really into the Young Avengers recently.

It is called Of All Possible Worlds and it mostly consists of an outpouring of feelings about Kate Bishop strung together by missing scene fic conversations-that-should-have-been from v2. Also, I ship Kate Bishop with everyone, so fair warning.

Hope you all are doing well! I feel really boring lately, which is probably why I don't have much to report, but you guys are awesome, I'm going to try to be around online more often in the near future.

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Hey guys!

So, I graduated from college. Who among us truly thought this day would come? The graduating itself wasn't particularly interesting, though. You know what's interesting? Memes.

The first one, I grabbed from [personal profile] inlovewithnight

1. Everyone should post their ten most CRUCIAL CRUCIAL CRUCIAL-ASS movies, like the movies that explain everything about yourselves in your current incarnations (not necessarily your ten favorite movies but the ten movies that you, as a person existing currently, feel would help people get to know you) (they can change later on obviously).

1) practical magic
2) oliver!
3) a little romance
4) x2
5) trainspotting
6) history boys
7) the social network
8) shakespeare in love
9) absolute beginners
10) saved!

2. Sort by number of plays in itunes or whatever equivalent you have, and count out the top ten songs by the top ten artists--that is, if someone is the artist on your number one song and also on your number three, count them for number one, and count the next one down as the third, so that each artist only shows up once.

My itunes got pretty much rebuilt from scratch when my computer crashed three years ago, so this is a 'most played in the past three years' list.

1) chicago, spring standards
2) jesus etc., wilco
3) 1979 (smashing pumpkins cover), bad rabbits
4) challengers, the new pornographers
5) where i belong, ryan ross
6) sink, swim, laura stevenson
7) the absence of god, rilo kiley
8) empty streets, ghost beach
9) cleverly disguised, jjamz
10) will do, tv on the radio

I also wrote a couple of things, these past few weeks:

title: Life Pumping Through me
fandom: Before Sunrise
summary: Five times Celine and Jesse missed each other after Before Sunrise, and one time they didn't have to.

title: Outrageous Fortune
fandom: Shameless (US)
summary: Debbie Gallagher and “if music be the food of love, can you turn that bullshit off?” Takes place during and just after the last season.

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