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Rare Ship Swap letter


I'm sorry if there was only my placeholder up when you got my assignment, anon person I match on a fandom with! Hopefully my optional details were some help in the meantime.

Things I like generally: AUs! But also really meticulously close the canon fic. The ships that I've requested for this challenge are all non-canon, so stories that mention the way characters were feeling in the source material as a lead-up to get-together stories have a special place in my heart. I love get-together fic, but I also love established relationship stories, and feel strongly enough about all of the ships I've requested that I don't really need to be convinced that they would get together.

I'm honestly pretty not-picky, and a firm believer in "optional details are optional"--I'd much rather receive a story that you loved writing and feel really strongly about than one that meticulously follows my taste. Stories written with love are the best :).

I like stories about growth, about change, about characters learning how to grow and change together. I love stories where characters spend time with their significant other's family or their significant other's friends. I have a fondness for mild h/c, I like stories with strong friendships, stories where there are rational, civil conversations with exes that acknowledge that they used to care a lot about each other. I like stories involving cats. Roommate bonding is always fun.

Things I'm not big on: not in a great place for major character death now, cheating, rape, and I absolutely can't do stories involving brain damage, memory loss or amnesia, or mind-altering drugs.

My fic can be found here and some stories I love can be found here. This journal is pretty new, but feel free to dig around here or at the LJ it links to, if you are so inclined.

Bend it Like Beckham, Jules/Jess

I'll have more general details in my letter, but I'd basically love just about anything about these two. I love the idea of future fic, get together fic in college, get together fic after college, established relationship fic, stories where they both go pro but are on different teams and have to make the long distance thing work, stories where one of them goes pro but the other actually gets really into the subject she studies in college and pursues that, and they have to figure out a way to have a relationship that doesn't revolve around football, I love Jess and Tony's friendship, so I'd adore a story where they stay close or still talk despite the distance.

Basically, I'll love anything at all that involves these two together, though, working through their problems and coming out on the other side stronger than when they started, because if the movie proved one thing about their relationship to me, it was that they were capable of that.

I said most of it in my optional details above, but this is one of those fandoms where I could really go for either of them interacting with the other's family--either over the phone, or maybe when they're home for a holiday. Or adjusting to college in the US? Moving in to their first apartment? I really have nothing but ideas about these two, but I'm totally sure that anything you write will be great, so do what feels right!

Gilmore Girls, Rory/Paris

Again, though I'm up for anything, and always love a good AU, the thing that's in my head for these two is canon-compliant future fic, though beyond that I'm not too picky. I can totally see Paris going into politics and Rory covering her campaign, and sparks flying that way, but I can also see them meeting up again years later, on the heels of bad endings of relationships with other people, and just falling into bed with each other.

The truth is, as long as these two end up reasonably happy, or with the potential to become so (I can't stomach Rory Gilmore being unhappy too long, she reminds me too much of my little sister for that) I'll be happy.

(Don't let the sister comparison scare you off from writing porn, though--she doesn't remind me that much of my sister.)

I probably should have put this in the more general details, huh? I am always down for porn as long as it is attached to a plot, but I also read and write a lot of gen, and won't be disappointed if there is none. Fade-to-black is a tried and tested, age-old device, and I'm totally cool with it.

For these two, feel free to make it as wacky and/or heartwarming as the show. I think Rory and Paris could have a really interesting relationship dynamic, and also one that Lorelai would not quite get, though I'm sure she'd be understanding (Emily and Richard would probably be over the moon--Paris is definitely from the right kind of family).

On the other hand, if you wanted to go in an AU-ish direction (or even a canon one), I just had a flash of the two of them both teaching at a Chilton-like private school, so, you know, do with that what you will.

(Basically just have a ball writing it, mystery author, and I will have fun reading it.)

The Newsroom, Jim/Neal

Jim is so bad with women, seriously, he is so bad and offensive, and fucked up, in all the insidious little ways he'll never actually see, and because Sorkin is writing his female characters, they won't see it either.

He's got a really healthy relationship with Neal, though. Neal's the one he notices for ideas when he first arrives at ACN, Neal's the one he calls when he runs away from home to follow Romney on the campaign trail, and Neal's the one he thinks of in that mid-season episode where he sees the snatch of a news broadcast on tv from the campaign trail, and he doesn't even make a big thing of it, just mentions, "a buddy of mine," and moves on. Because Neal is in his thoughts. Casually. Constantly.

What am I saying, though? I don't need to convince you. If we matched on this pairing, mystery stranger, you already know all of this (and we should totally chat about it when this challenge is over, because I am hard pressed to find people to talk about my Jim/Neal love to). I guess there's so little written for this pairing that it doesn't matter too much to me what's in a story about them, just as long as it's written by someone as ridiculously invested in their ridiculous selves as me. Have fun with it!

Hmm, okay, tings I didn't put in my sign up--Neal is my favorite, in case that wasn't clear. Except for those couple of times when he's said gross, lech-ey (and, at one point, kind of date rape-ey) things, which I'm choosing to attribute to Sorkin not knowing how to write a guy who has a lot of sex without writing him creepy, so I'm interpreting the character based on what I read as the intention, rather than by those two or three scenes because shhhhh, it's a nicer place in my head that way, that's why.

Based on that, do you know what I would love to read? Bisexual, poly Neal who likes sex but only does relationships when he's really serious about them, and hasn't had time to go looking for one in years, because working at ACN kind of eats your life, and has been ignoring his blinding, obvious crush on Jim since Jim moved to New York.

That's just, you know, an idea. Really I can go for just about anything to do with these two, as long as it acknowledges their flaws, and maybe feels, like I do, that they'd mesh really well, flaws and all. Maybe something with them geeking out together? And I think Jim and Mac's relationship is super sweet, so anything to do with that would be cool as well.

Hope that helps! And thank you in advance for writing me a story!

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