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Dear Yuletide Author

(*waves* dear anyone else who still follows me here, hey, hi, how are you? Actual entry to follow in a few days, sorry for the many months of absence, life got very busy)

Dear Yuletide Author,

I assume, since we've matched one one of these fandoms I'm so excited to connect with someone new over, that you are a pretty rad individual. Hello, rad individual! As such, I totally trust that whatever you have in your heart to write about one of these fandoms will be awesome, even if you totally disregard everything else in this letter - optional details are so very optional, these are just a few ideas of some things that catch in my head when I think about them.

As a general thing, I'd request no stories dealing with brain damage, memory loss, or amnesia, but other than that, it's a pretty open playing field.

General things I like: crossovers, close-to-canon AUs, much-further-from-canon AUs that use details from canon in interesting ways, established relationship fic, missing scene fic, fic where people recognize each other's limitations, fic where people have a lot of conversations, reconnection stories, crack pairings involving people who have never met but would probably get along really well if they did, kittens.

Specific fandoms:

Nothing Much To Do

From my sign-up: Okay, so one thing I'll admit straight up is that, as of now, Lovely Little Losers is KILLING ME, and that is definitely informing that request, because I'd love to see an interpretation of what happened between Peter and Balth in that missing time period between the two series, and I would really really love to see them trying to talk things through like grown-ups, and a happy ending for them would make me giddy. On the other hand, I can totally see an interpretation where they don't end up together, since their lack of communication so far is so stunning. As long as they try to work it out in a healthy way, and are secure in their fondness for each other by the end, I'm happy.

If, on the other hand, you're not interested in writing about their dynamics as a couple, one of the things that interested me most from the first series was John and Peter-then-Pedro's relationship, and I'd love to see anything more of that,anything from their childhoods together to trying to work things out after NMTD.

On the third hand entirely, if you felt like writing about both of those things, that would be something I'd be incredibly into as well.

I think that actually basically covers it, except that I feel like I should say that, since the second series is still airing, and I know how hard that can make writing, I totally understand if you feel like the best way to do it is either to pick an episode to work from and go AU with anything that comes out after that, or even ignore the second series entirely and just focus on the first. Whatever works for you, dude.

Cracked After Hours

From my sign-up: There are so many little moments in the series I'd love to see expanded on: the time Michael went to Thanksgiving with Dan's family, how exactly Soren's crush on Susan B. Anthony, at what point between the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode and the one where they talk about villains they'd be henchmen for and Katie nods along with the rest of them like she's seen it did she watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and why? Why were they on a camping trip that one time? What would they actually do in a zombie apocalypse? How much coaching did Soren give Dan before that time Dan tried to ask the waitress out in that one episode?

If you choose to go with that last one, I'm totally down for Soren/Dan shipping - really, I'm up for shipping it in any situation. Ditto Michael/Katie, and Katie/Soren when they're doing that thing they do where Soren acts like he's looking for a woman who can make him cry and Katie acts like she'd be happy to be that woman. I'm also interested in any poly-shipping that might catch your fancy in this context. Really, mystery author, I'm interested in just about anything you can throw at me.

Again, I said most of what I meant to, I'm interested in most things about these guys. Other things I particularly like, that maybe you particularly like, too: Dan's insistence on getting the proper pluralization of movie titles, the way there is clearly the makings of an EPIC Marvel vs. DC debate between Soren and Dan one of these days, the way Katie let the restraining order against Michael lapse, Michael's insistence that he is one of the 'normal' ones of them, that weird espionage-like thing going on in the background of the diners, the waitress who doesn't know Soren's name.

The Riches

From my sign-up: Watching this series again recently has been such a delight, and there really isn't much I wouldn't love to read about it - a what-comes-next story for after the series, maybe a pre-series story about the time when Dahlia was in jail, and the way Wayne and the kids had to adjust, even something about Actual Doug Rich's kids--sometimes it gets to me that, as big of a jerk as he is, they may never know what happened to him. Occasionally I think about what it would be like if one of the Malloy kids met one of Doug Rich's kids at some point in the future.

I also just really love the Malloy kids, though, and the way they tease and protect and are there for each other, and I'd be fascinated to see either some of the ways that dynamic developed, or the way it changes, or doesn't change, as they grow up.

Of all of the fandoms I requested, this is probably the one that, if you were in the mood, I would be the most interested in seeing crossovers for, but then I feel weird even saying so because I ALSO don't want to lessen any chance I might have for getting straight-up Riches fic, because I just love this family so MUCH. You know what, if this is the fandom we match on, a) rock on, mystery author, and b) anything you write is going to make me so happy, ANYTHING AT ALL, so, uh, no pressure.

Casson Family

From my sign-up: Really, this is my eternal yuletide fandom, so if this is where we match up, I'm going to be so thrilled. One of the things I love most about these books is the way the family you find and the family you're born with don't have to be mutually exclusive, and the way you still have to choose when it comes to the people you're related to, and how far you're going to let them into your life, as much as you love them. I'd love to see something about the ways different people who have become part of the family at different times over the years navigate that as they get older, or something about the way Caddy and Michael set up their own family, and the ways that that's the same, the ways that it's different, and the way the people in both overlap.

I'm happy to read gen or Caddy/Michael, and I'd be totally interested to read something about Eve and Bill and the ways they must have worked as a couple once. Besides those, though, I'm not that interested in the future pairings with the kids that the narrative is pointing at - Saffy/Sarah and Indigo/Tom both sound a lot more interesting to me than Sarah/Indigo, and I don't really believe that, when Tom and Rose grow up, they'll be interested in each other that way, no offense, Hilary McKay. Which isn't to say I'm requesting any of those pairings, I'd be more than happy with gen-ish shenanigans of all kinds, and like I said, Caddy and Michael and their made-for-each-other-ness warms my icy, icy heart, and mostly, I just hope you write something that makes you as happy as the possibility of matching with someone on this fandom makes me.

Yeah, okay, I think I said it all here, too.

Anyway, happy winter exchange season, mystery author. Thank you in advance, and I'm so excited to see what you come up with!

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