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October 8th, 2017

yuletide letter!

Dear Yuletide Author,

First of all, I am so sorry this wasn't up when assignments went out! I'm a little scattered right now, but I'm so excited it's the yuletide time of the year again, and I'm so excited to have matched with you on one of these fandoms! I can't wait to see what you do with them. I'm not a big prompter, I mostly just like to see what people are inspired to do, so in this letter, I'm mostly just going to talk about the things I love about these works, so that maybe if some of the things I love are the same things you love, we'll know we're on common ground.

I do prefer not to read stories that deal with brain damage, amnesia, or memory loss.

Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits, Zoey Ashe, Will Blackwater

I'm going to be both frank and brief in this one, largely because I'm 98% sure it's not where we matched--last time I looked, after sign-ups were closed, only one person offered to write this fandom, and tbqh, that person was me. So!

I ship it. I ship it a lot. Will is the kind of character I usually can't stand, and in some ways I can't stand him here, either, but it's set up in this magical way where the reasons I can't stand him and want him to go away from the very beginning are exactly why Zoey can't stand him either, and so as she starts to be more interested in what he has to say, and to trust him, I started to see it, too, and I am INTO these characters' dynamics. (I would totally read the AU where, after the thing with the towers, Zoey ends up getting kidnapped, or is presumed dead, or something, and for a certain amount of time, Will DOES end up having to take care of Stench Machine.)

I how they're both abrasive and difficult in ways that don't mesh at all at first, and the way they sort of hate how they're finding themselves respecting each other, and the way she's kind of his boss and he's kind of just staying out of loyalty and their power dynamic in any kind of relationship they have is complicated and could easily be very fucked up if Zoey wasn't a fucking massive fount of indomitable willpower. I like the weird, uncomfortable way they like each other, whether it's romantic or platonic, and I'd love to read about it.

A Charm of Magpies by K.J. Charles, Ned Hall, Crispin Treadarloe

These guys. Okay, so I'll admit it, I'm a recent K.J. Charles convert, and putting these guys on my request list was a little impulsive, but I can't bring myself to regret it when I want to bury myself in this world. For this request, I'd prefer not to have AUs or non-canon pairings. I'm really fascinated with the "more" or this relationship than we got in the book. There's the magic--I have a feeling that there could be something interesting in the way the magic works between them if Ned keeps using Crispin's pen, for example. In one of the main books of the trilogy, Dr. Gold tells Crane that if he's going to stick with Stephen, given who they both are, weird shit is going to keep happening, and I can't imagine the same isn't true if a flit whose magical ability has been enhanced once already starts carrying around the warlockian pen made of the blood and bone of his lover, and even more so if they find themselves in a situation where they need to use it.

Then there's the relationship stuff--I am helplessly endeared to the fact that they went to the music hall together, I now can't help picturing them being the type of couple to really date--Ned's a gregarious guy who likes to get out and see the town, Crispin is described, in his first appearance, as a bit of a dandy. I'm curious how they got to the point where they go out together, since their expectations when they first met make me think maybe neither one would really expect it from the other, and what that's like, and if it changes once they start at the justiciary.

And then there's that, too! Crispin and what I'm sure becomes, after Rag and Bone, a fundamental mistrust of almost anyone who wants to teach him, jeez. Ned and figuring out how to be a magical policeman with no magic and, from what he can see of the justiciary, very few actual, immutable laws to uphold, just weird prejudices and practices, some of which are sensible and some of which are certainly not. Esther running the justiciary, the kid with the broken nose who I bet somehow ends up working there, the fact that Janossi seems to have taken a shine to them--I'd be into anything about that.

I'm going to stop talking now, and don't feel like you have to take on all or even any of that, this is just where my head is.

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, Amanda Brotzman, Farah Black, Dirk Gently, Todd Brotzman

If we matched here, I'm not sure how much guidance I have to give, besides the fact that I love how unabashedly weird this show is, and anything you write that embraces that weirdness, I'll probably be into. Amanda is my heart, I adore her, and anything from her adventures with the Rowdy Three to her obvious-to-me massive crush on Farah (which, who wouldn't??) to her coming to terms with what Todd told her, to her eventual career as a rockstar, would be something I could super super get into.

Ditto with Farah--I'm interested in her childhood, in what happens next for her, her relationship with Lydia, her multitudinous failed applications to government agencies. Her destined-to-be-long-suffering friendship with Dirk. Hey, maybe she goes out on the road with the rowdy three, too, who knows?

Todd I'm kind of fascinated by, too, in the opposite way from Amanda. He's dug himself into a pit he can't get out of, and I enjoy how unabashed that is. Stories that deal with him figuring out a way to get to the point where he can acknowledge those things but still eventually like himself again would be much appreciated. Ditto stories dealing with his relationship (romantic or platonic, I'm not picky) with Dirk.

And Dirk! What I love about this show is that they use Samuel Barnett really well, because he can be this caricature of a cartoon weirdo, but then once your comfortable in the show, and you think you know what it is, that cracks right open, and there he is, this person and more than that, this fucked up, hurt person--and that "it's not like being a bloody werewolf" speech was one of the best things ever.

I intend to stay caught up on the show, if you want to incorporate anything from S2, but if you just want to do something using S1, that's totally cool.

Trainspotting (Movies), Simon "Sick Boy" Williamson, Mark "Rent Boy" Renton

I've read the books as well as watched the movies, so if you want to incorporate some book canon that's totally fine and I'm comfortable with that, but if you don't I won't be at all bothered, and I should probably say that I do think of book!Simon and movie!Simon as different characters, or different versions of the same character, especially in terms of the threshold each has for doing horrible things to other people. Which is to say, I'm happy to have movie!Simon as the failier and less exploitive version.

I guess I should be blunt here, too, and say that I do ship it, and that, as someone very wise on Ao3 said in an author's note, T2 was absolutely a love story, the love story we've been waiting for. If you choose to take it in a platonic direction, though, I'm just as interested in the gen version of these two old frenemies figuring out that they can miss and enjoy and feel protective of the people each other became, even after the things they did to themselves and each other when they were younger, and figuring out how to be in each other's lives again without having to fall back into self-destructive cycles.

Specific things I'm interested in: Simon's estranged, twentysomething kid; Mark's ex-wife; if you're up for dragging in a piece of book canon, Mark's niece or nephew; how they manage to pay back the business loan they legally signed and then lost to Veronica; what the fuck happened to Allison, goddamn it; or, anything that especially interests you to write about.

Anyway, sorry if that was a lot, I guess I'm just feeling chatty.

Thank you in advance, happy yuletide!


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