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Happy Max-preciation Day!

Yeah. I know it's cheesy.

I love Max Steger a lot right now, though. I'm not going to try to pimp you into Empires--if that's what you want, 15dozentimes does a great job of it here. My mission tonight is really just to revel in how much I love their guitarist, Max. Hopefully you will revel with me.

Max has produced all their albums.

That fact probably means more to you if you've heard them, but still, pretty cool. Also, I recommend the music.

Max is Tom's long-time girlfriend's baby brother! They have known each other for quite a while!

I'm pretty sure he produced some of Jon Walker's recent solo stuff, too!

He is very into music.


Both times I saw him playing, he began the show wearing glasses, but managed to magically lose them by the third song. I think they probably spend most of the time perched on an amp while he plays.

Look at his smile!

And his pretty, pretty complexion!

Tragically, there are relatively few pics of Max on his own, or even just with a few people. Which is unfortunate, but not too awful, since the rest of Empires are also pretty pretty, and now that you've seen this much Max, you won't let him fade into the background, will you?

Please feel free to tell me about/link me to any Max pics I missed--I hope there are a lot!
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