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I never know how to start these things, and am currently even more self-conscious than usual about it, because I have been taking this literacy studies class, because apparently I decided I really needed another reason to be twitchy about my writing. That, or it was a required course to graduate. One of those.

I am doing some things that feel pretty significant right now. One of those is applying for jobs, the non-service industry kind of jobs that actually give a shit about my degree. The other is starting a draft of a fic for wave three of Bandom Big Bang.

I am going to say that I am being pretty successful in both of those things, and here are the reasons why: I am operating under the entirely non-logic-based assumption that whether or not I get hired is largely to do with how many places I apply, rather than how qualified I am or am not for any of the positions I apply for. Quantity, not quality, people. The more places that reject me, the more likely it becomes that the next place I apply to will hire me, right? This is a comforting way of thinking mostly because, as it transpires, I am not actually qualified for much of anything, except for possibly writing for alumni magazines.

I have also taken to cutting myself off from sending out applications at the point where my cover letters start to get too effusive and over-enthusiastic, because I do not actually want to frighten people.

I'm also, this one in the realm of BBB, counting my endeavors a success because I'm not trying to force myself to deal with a plot-plot, what I'm writing is much like what I always write--characters having feelings, and conversations about those feelings, and not much else. I won't hold it against any of you if that doesn't sound particularly enticing to read. I'm having fun.

(I will probably try to come up with a more dynamic summary to post for BBB, though)

([personal profile] zeenell seems to be of the opinion that it's cool that I'm basically planning on writing 10k of gen domesticity fic. This is why people have friends, right? So they can be reassured about their bad ideas?)

Anyway. Hi there, whoever's reading. I hope everything is going well. <3

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