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...you've got that one (or five) thing(s)

Five things! I've been thinking it's been forever since I've done a comment fic prompt meme post, and possibly they're out of fashion? Or just all on tumblr, anyway, because I haven't really seen anyone else doing them in a journal-space lately, either. Which means there aren't any hanging around that I've noticed and can grab, which is why I'm falling back on the tried-and-true five things!

So! Give me a pairing, character, set of characters, or fandom, and a five things prompt (ex: Five times Spencer Smith didn't get lost on public transportation, Five things Fiona Gallagher would take with her if she was running away to a deserted island) and I will do my best to give you an answer. I don't promise that all five of the things (or any of them!) will get full-on ficlets, but there will at least be a list. Who doesn't love lists?

Fandoms include my bandom usual suspects, Shameless (US), Young Avengers, I could probably manage some MCU stuff, Jonas boys and assorted Disney girls, The Secret Garden and all the other Burnett children I regularly get worked up about, Swordspoint 'verse, John Dies at the End, How To Get Away With Murder, and I think I'm there enough with all the Highlander stuff [personal profile] aria and I have been watching that I could do that, too. And anything else you've seen me get excited about is probably worth a shot as well.

So, um, please prompt me?

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Jan. 23rd, 2015 04:51 pm (UTC)
John and David hook up between Jennifer and Amy because man hath no greater love than the fucker who can see the same insane shit as you
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